Important Legislation Affecting The Rights Of Concealed Weapons License Holders

Senate Bill 954, passed by the Florida Legislature and signed into law by Governor Bush in April 1999, allows residents from other states who are licensed to carry concealed weapons/firearms to carry their weapons in Florida. The one provision, however, is that those other states must be willing to recognize and honor concealed weapon or firearm licenses issued by the State of Florida so that Florida licensees enjoy the same rights and benefits when they travel to those other states.

The Division of Licensing will be contacting the licensing authorities in the other states in the next few weeks to determine which states will acknowledge the validity of Florida licenses. The Division of Licensing will maintain a list of the "concealed carry" states on this site, and Florida law enforcement agencies will be notified as to which out-of-state travelers have the right to carry a concealed weapon while visiting Florida.

Because weapons and firearms laws vary significantly from state to state and can change quickly as a result of government mandates and court decisions, the Division of Licensing strongly recommends that Florida citizens who are concealed weapon/firearm license holders check with the licensing authorities in other states when planning to travel with their weapon.



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