The purpose of Women Armed and Ready is to serve in education, awareness and support, empowering women to protect themselves and their loved ones.

I would like to take a brief moment to introduce myself. I have lived in Southeast Indiana all of my life.  For the first 49 years that I have lived in this area I have never felt uneasy, threaten or scared.

But baby times have changed and very quickly one might add.  In the last 3 years our business has been broken into and robbed as well as our home. We routinely catch shop lifters in our salons.  And the crime rate in Dearborn County has sky rocketed.  Remember when you could leave your doors unlocked or your keys in the ignition?

According to the prosecutor’s office heroin cases have increased radically in the past few years. Our area borders the main corridors of the drug traffic.  I am sure you know of someone who has been affected either by a family member, friend or even themselves have become addicted to an illegal substance.  Once these people become users their lives change and not for the better.  Since they can no longer handle family and jobs they turn their attention to getting financial support from you and me.  Theft, break-ins and other crimes become their source of income.

Now as you think of the above also understand that we are finding our cities and towns under financial crunches.  And where do you suppose they have to make budget cuts?  Unfortunately those cuts sometimes hit the departments that we depend on the most, police and fire.

This brings me to the reason for the forming of our group.  As it says at the bottom of this page, “Cause a cop won’t fit in your purse”.  W.A.R. is a group that wants to help anyone to protect themselves and their loved ones.  Material things can be replaced.  But a human life is something that no amount of insurance can compensate for.

We want to provide education, preparedness, confidence and emotional support to all who feels the need and desire to protect themselves and their families.  We are not a political group.  However we hold our 2nd Amendment Rights as part of our American Constitutional Freedoms and we will support that right.

In closing I would like to say that I am that Mamma Grizzly that you really don’t want to tangle with.  My life’s motto is “God, Family and Country without the first two there is no third.  It is my hope that you will join us in becoming educated and in control of your own situation.  Like my mom always said, “I’m not raising you to be a victim!”

'Cause a Cop won't fit in your purse

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