I joined Women Armed and Ready for several reasons;

  • I like guns
  • I like being a part of a group
  • One of the founder's is a relative and I love being with her
  • It's only Women

 The most important reason was that I talk a good game and have an attitude that I'm tough, but I REALLY didn't know if I could do it if it came right down to having to pull the trigger. Would I bulk? Would I talk up with my attitude and then not follow through and end up being killed?

Women Armed and Ready has given me the confidence and the MIND SET and made me say "YES, I CAN!" defend myself and my family if needed.  I still need practice and training. But now my aim is good and my confidence in myself is better.>

Thanks to WAR and my NRA instructor Dale Reatherford.

Sonya B, Aurora Chapter

'Cause a Cop won't fit in your purse

NRAW Partner white7

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