range safetyRange Safety Yearly Qualification

As a member of Women Armed and Ready you will be required to attend and pass a range safety course each year before going to the range.  The course will review all safety procedures on and off the shooting range.  You will be required to demonstrate loading, unloading, how to safely clear a jam, proper ear and eye protection, storing your gun(s), firing, knowing range commands and what they mean and other safety measures.  This is a hands on and a multiple choice test.  Don't worry your NRA Instructor will work with you prior to administering the test.

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Every Woman that wants to carry, should be able to.  And she should know that she is trained to be effective.

At Women Armed and Ready we know what it is like to be targets of a crime.  That's why we understand that all women in the United States not only has the right to protect herself and family, but she has that as a responsibility too.  Law enforcement can't be everywhere 24/7, a piece of paper doesn't stop a bullet and a cop won't fit in your purse.  So we learn, train and support each other to become "EMPOWERED" to protect what is ours, our body and our children.




'Cause a Cop won't fit in your purse

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