On or off the range gun owners must always

handle any firearm in a safe and responsible manner.

Dry Fire Practice-  While there is nothing that replaces live fire, dry firing will help in keeping skills in tune.  ALWAYS make sure your gun is unloaded and all ammunition is out of the area before beginning any dry fire skills training.  Practice only in a safe area where there are no distractions or interruptions (cell phones, children, pets, etc.).  Check and re-check that your firearm IS NOT LOADED.  Dry firing can only be done using a center fire (.380 caliber or higher) gun.  Damage may result in dry firing a rimfire firearm.


Drawing from concealment-

You will need; your unloaded carry gun, your holster and a shirt or jacket that covers your holstered gun. 

Begin -  With your unloaded gun holstered, garmet covering your gun and arms at your sides

Step 1:  Using your non-shooting hand, reach across in front, grab the hem of your garmet and raise the garmet up to expose your unloaded holstered gun.  At the same time using your shooting hand, place that hand on the grip of your gun.

Step 2:  With your hand on the grip and trigger finger off the trigger, pull the gun straight up from its holster, keeping your elbow bent and pointed to the rear. 

Step 3: Begin bringing the gun up to point down range bringing your non shooting hand to the gun for a two handed grip.

Step 4:  With a firm two handed grip punch the gun forward.  You should bring the gun up to eye level as you are punching forward.

Step 5:  Acquire the sights on the target. Remove the safety (if your firearm has a safety switch).  Place your trigger finger on the trigger and fire.

*Suggestions:  Practicing in front of a mirror can help you see how you are actually moving through each step.  This allows you to make corrections as you transition.  Take a each step slow and diliberate.  Once you have each step mastered you can begin speeding up the drill.




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