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C.R.A.S.E. Training is a program designed to prepare citizens in the event of an active shooter attack.  An attack can happen at your workplace, school, church, home or any place your day to day activities take you or your family.  Having and implementing a plan can increase your chance of survival or the survival of a loved one.

Women Armed and Ready will come to your location (within the Greater Cincinnati Ohio area) and train as many individuals that want to be trained.  Onsite training will allow us to design a plan that you can use in familiar surroundings using items available on the premises for defense.  You and your staff will be instructed on proper drilling and practice procedures to help with new trainees and keeping staff prepared.

Remember average response time for help to arrive is 12+ minutes.  You must be in charge of your own safety until police can arrive on scene.

Instruction by a certified C.R.A.S.E. instructor.  Course length is approximately 3 hours in length.  And includes both class room and hands on practical exercises. 

Classes may be scheduled for hours that businesses are closed as to not interrupt.


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